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Creative Development Consultant, Billie Proffitt

Words that transform your business.

Our founder is Billie Proffitt. She is the creator who owns the slate of Annette Proffitt Productions and works in collaboration with artists across many mediums. Fine art gallery owners, authors, painters, musicians, sculptors, PR companies & managers, as well as marketing teams of more traditional (transactional) business models, have all served as both clients and collaborators with Miss Proffitt.

"I support artists & their teams.

I am a writer, researcher and producer who believes in education, accountability and that clear communication has the power to overcome conflict and stagnancy thus building my clients' best businesses as we also create a better version of the world we all share.


I discuss & work through the creative process with artists of differing mediums, identifying and strategically choosing the words needed to elevate their work, their impact, and to cultivate and have agency over their narrative, breaking down barriers and manifesting the career and business achievements they and their management team desires.

With my support, creatives own their authentic identity and communicate their true value in their work while management & marketing teams receive specific, tailored copy - increasing ROIs across the board."

If you are looking for support in your own creative or business endeavors, pop on over to her site to discuss your options further.

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