“The unexamined life is not worth living.
                                                                    - Socrates

Posted by Billie on May 08, 2018

I tried to go to Forest Lawn but it closed before we finished chatting at my Aunt’s kitchen table… For as long as I can remember I yearned to get past the hills my grandparents are buried on, to get to the bright lights & busyness of Hollywood. It wasn’t that I was attracted to Hollywood itself, unless we had tickets to The Pantages or a Mommy-&-me shopping date on Melrose, because Hollywood has always been pretty trashy in my lifetime, sadly dirty & desperate… It was more that Hollywood was the gateway to the rest of LA, at least the ways I grew up getting there. Be it from Barham Blvd. or the 101 S, it was Cahuenga Pass that ushered the illustrious and sparkling opportunities into my scope.

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Posted by Billie on May 02, 2018

Obviously my tears are not about the pet friends in the videos.

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